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    XPrime Markets Live Spreads

    Calculation method: The bid, ask rate come from the fix server and spreads are equal to (ask - bid) /1 pip equivalent for the symbol. The min-max and avg are calculated from the continuous stream of a symbol for example: AUD/USD spread = 1.4 and then the next sampled spread = 1.6 so minimum = 1.4 maximum = 1.6 average = 1.5 - this is for the overall hours columns. For each session column the same process is followed, but with a time filter applied in order to divide into each session group so from 7 pm to 4 am (EST) is Tokyo session from 3am to 12 pm (EST) is London session from 8 am to 5 pm (EST) is New York session. For the graph data the minimum-maximum and average spread for each symbol is calculated on an hourly basis, so all the real-time persistant data is used to get the min, max and avg spreads for the graphical representations.
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